Heaven's Hottest

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The Son of God in a gay sandwich.

This show’s got plenty of mayo and extra pickles!  Hosts Anüs Buttafuco and Scott Reamer pound a sober Jesus Christ with questions and controversy, testing the limits of his infinite patience. 

While camping in the hot deserts of the Sinai in search for answers, Anüs and Scott found the Son of God, in rehab. But by the time they made it to Eilat, the party started and none of them have been the same since. Buttafuco and Reamer are so happy now, sometimes they think they've died and went to heaven. We haven't told them yet that they actually did.

Anüs and Scott are media whores, and love to make shows spotlighting the latest scandal. They never agree with Jesus on anything and never follow his advice, and yet have chosen him as their Lord and Savior. They call this being "Christian."

With a gaping scope for exploration like theirs, covering every subject so long as it falls in the category of dirty laundry, Heaven't Hottest is sure to please even the most refined of tastes.