Goat Flu

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Battered Robot Chicken, deep fried in acid.

The goat got hold of the remote. This kid’s ADD is stratospheric!

Anüs Buttafuco and Scott Reamer are in fact the alter egos of the famous duo, and multi-talented comedians, musicians, and actors, Dick Milk and Peter Butkus. 

On their off time from the shows Heaven's Hottest and Eat Me!, the dynamic duo plays Monopoly, strip poker, and sits by the fire, daring each other to throw the other in.

When they get really bored with all of that, they put some juice into their comedy pet project, Goat Flu. They love goats, really. Baby goats. Little. Baby. Goats. Something is wrong with these two.

Anyway, after sacrificing a goat to their insatiable appetities, Goat Flu was born. They both got the flu, actually, and were at death's door. It was then that they were inspired by a new type of comedy they called meaninglessness. They discuss this at length in their shared doctroal dissertation, but since they flunked out of middle school, no one's interested in reading it.