Drunk Jesus

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Jesus is fed up with humanity. He’s turned to the bottle.

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An inebriated savior? What did Christians think would happen to a guy that could turn water into wine? A hilarious show where the Son of God answers questions from real people while getting utterly wasted! And let's not forget the sexy angels all around, including Jesus's own personal assistant Slave108DD! 

With an ear for the questions and prayers of human beings on earth, heaven, and the beyond, Jesus has become utterly misanthropic. Threatening to never answer another prayer, we've been forced to keep him imprisoned behind the Pearly Gates. Slave108DD is his only consolation, and he makes sure she takes the brunt of his pent up hostilities.

Fortunately, we do have a lot of fun when he whips it out -- his guitar, we mean. He's the best guitarist in the galaxy and he enjoys sharing his secrets to virtuosity with mere mortals. 

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"There hasn't been [a book] like this in generations. Period."

— L. G., Boston, MA


"A literary masterpiece."

— A. M. R., El Paso, TX

"Mind-blowing, mystery thriller."

— L. G., Boston, MA

"...hit me like a ton of bricks. Over and Over."

— H. H., Detroit, MI

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Author Awards

God without religion award foreword magazineGod without religion award independent publisherGod without religion award foreword review nautilusGod without religion awardGod without religion award usa book news


On Mars lies a mystery. Billions of years ago, it caused the extinction of all life. Now it’s reawakening.

The year is 7519, or 3419 of the Third Age, ascending. One by one, the most powerful female Causal Masters are sent to Mars to neutralize the threat. None return, and no one knows why.

I am the “Indriya,” having no other name to give myself. I am the father of Petra Sty’gia, the most formidable Causer alive. Cursed with memories stretching back over seventeen thousand years, my only hope to save my daughter and unravel the enigma of my identity lies on Mars.

The Vann Temple sends me to Mars instead of Petra. But I was already there. And I never left.


Permanent Waves Volume I Indriya Equinoctial Cycle Ages

Sci-Fi. Fantasy. Mystery. Suspense. Thriller. Action. Adventure. Drama.

The Permanent Waves Series, by multi award-winning and highly acclaimed author Sankara Saranam, is a tour de force heart-pounding and mind-bending epic adventure that takes mystical science-fiction to a level never seen before. Dive into Volume I: Indriya of this expansive and rich world, as it challenges the limits of your imagination.

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